Torwell Australia By DNK Systems.

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Torwell Australia By DNK Systems.

Posted on January 08 2017

About has been proudly provided by DNK Systems Australia. DNK Systems has spent many years looking for and assessing filaments for 3d printers, what makes them good, Great and cost effective. We believe that with Torwell3d filaments we have found a cost effective high quality product that adheres fundamentally to our core beliefs.

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Value
  • Ethics

Over many years we have developed a great relationship with Torwell3d and will further push this relationship to provide more and exciting products. 


A Little about your DNK Systems Staff

David Ellis (Chief technical Officer)

David Ellis

With many years of research and development designing and engineering David has been in contact with the advantages of rapid prototyping for the last 20 years. As well as managing an award winning support team for CAD software and hardware sales couples a great leverage of service, support and technical know how. 


Jason StClair  (Chief operations Officer)

Jason St Clair

Customer service is his passion, where he has worked with many global Fortune 500 companies.  As a service manager, he enjoys building relationships and developing strategies to deliver solutions that fit business needs.  With well-rounded technical skills, a great understanding of different cultures and excellent business acumen, his drive is to be an innovative problem solver with a passion to continually improve and provide proactive services.


Kerryn Ellis (Director Business Performance and Vision)

Kerryn Ellis

Kerryn has more than twenty years experience working in service oriented organisations, and has a strong passion for enabling communities and organisations to achieve their aspirations, and optimise performance. With specialist expertise in corporate governance, finance, business strategy and driving high performance, Kerryn’s role at DNK Systems is to ensure the organisation’s business is aligned with achieving great outcomes for our clients.


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